New Tear Sheet: Corporate Work

(c) JerseyStyle_Photography_Tearsheet-Johnson-Johnson-Contributions-Report2

I’m always happy to see when my passion for photographic storytelling collides with my day-to-day job.

You may remember last November, after Hurricane Sandy and when the my local NY/ NJ area was still reeling, I had put this post called The Rebuilders.

In it, I mention accompanying some of my colleagues to Staten Island, New York, as they helped a few homeowners with post-Sandy removal and remediation work that needed to happen.

I was there as the still photographer to document the day. A video crew was with us as well.

In my post, I mention meeting a homeowner named “P”, short for Piera. Her house was completely flooded and needed to be gutted. It was a rough time for her. When the team arrived to help her out, she was visibily overwhelmed. It was ALOT of work – drywall and wood paneling needed to comed own, applicances had to be moved to the curb, carpets had to be ripped up. It wasn’t a huge house, just a tidy single-family in the working-class section of Staten Island. Massive work. Imagine trying to figure out how to get this all done when you’re not the only one that needed to have it done. Every house, every street was in the same type of situation. Rebuild Staten Island, a grassroots organization, was helping out to, trying to set homeowners up with people that could pitch in and help. Like my colleagues.

We spent the morning with P, then moved on to another family’s house in the afternoon. Seemed like a drop in the bucket but we were able to help out a couple of families. And I was happy to help do a photojournalist record of the day.

So, I was happy to see that when Johnson & Johnson recently issued its 2012 Contributions Report, the image above appears in the report.

My images from that day have gotten a nice amount of play both internally and externally. Back in April, I was pleasantly suprise to see that they were projected on a 30 foot screen while our CEO talked about disaster relieft.

(c)JerseyStyle_Photography_JNJ ASM_April2013_3355

I have to say, they looked pretty cool like that.

And, as I said earlier, I was there was a video crew. The production team at J&J did a very nice job of putting together a piece that combines their video with my images, to really help bring the story, the day to life.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube.

As you can see in the photos and images, I shot in color then did the conversion to black & white. I liked how the B&W looked, giving it a more photojournalistic style. Plus, it gives editors options. And editors/production teams love options. My B&W images ended up influencing the video portion as well, too. The production team liked the B&W images and complemented that with the B&W video as well. It was a nice melding of color and B&W to tell the story in video.

As I said earlier, I’m always happy when I can bring my photographic passion and knowledge to my day job. I’m lucky, too, that I get this opportunity from time to time. One time it may be sheep and solar panels…the next time, homeowners in need.

You never know.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013

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