JSP Visual Week In Review | 07.20.13


We’re havin’ a heatwave, a tropical heatwave…..

Whew. This week was a sweaty one here in the Great State of New Jersey, and other parts, I’m sure.

An honest-to-goodness, tongues-hanging-out, AC-breakin’, sweat-stains-all-down-your-back heatwave this week. Over 95 degrees every single day. And humid too.

Today looks to be the last of it, then it’ll dip into the chilly upper ’80s. Still, I’ll take this weather over the cold call of January any day. Guess I have a high tolearance for warm weather. Just feels like Summer to me.

Got a lot done this week, though, in between wiping my brow. Did some event photography, some portraits.

Lots of good things happening around these parts, so keep it here…


This Week’s Links:

* Another fantastic post by Joe McNally, this time on The Gift of Photography and a special gal named MiLk.

* And, here’s my add-on to that story, in case you missed it.

* I hope to see this: Walker Evans At MOMA

* Good read on Norman Rockwell, the American illustrator.

* Another good read: His Own Cocoon: Anton Corbijn

* This either makes me want to go surfing, or shoot surfer: Riding The Surf by Lucia Griggi

* 8 Tips For Shooting Compelling Portraits by action photographer Dan Bailey.

* From the NY Times Lens blog, good read on Black Star.

* Fashion Report: New York In The Summer of 1969 (as an aside: I have this actual issue of LIFE. My mom saved it because of the article about the moon landing.)

* Last but not least, Rear Curtain – Issue 4 is out. More on this one soon…

* “Creativity is not a talent. It is a way of operating.” ~ John Cleese

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