Weekend Shot: The Flip

(c)JerseyStyle_Photography_Scudder Plaza_Princeton_July 2013_MG_9608

Photography, often, is about patience.

You have to take your time, work the scene, see what is there. Then see it again, from a different perspective.

Sunday, me and the kids spent some time on the campus of Princeton University, and Scudder Plaza. In the middle of the plaza is a fountain, the Fountain of Freedom, and the kids enjoy splashing about.

While the heatwave broke yesterday – allegedly – it was still warm with humidity, so it was a good spot to spend Sunday morning.

A simple scene here – water splashing, people cooling off. But the element I like is the woman on the left side of the frame. I shot alot of the fountain, and thought the Weekend Image was going to be one of kids splashing through the shallow pool. Kids, water…always a good time.

Then I saw this woman leading forward, dunking her hair under the fountain’s spray. I knew what would probably come next – the flip. So, I keyed in on this scene…and waited…and waited. She took her time rinsing her hair, then squeezing it. I started to think she wouldn’t do it. The, all of a sudden, came The Flip.

I wasn’t sure what I got still I looked at it later. It’s not the classic photo we’ve all seen (usually some blonde model in the Hawaiin surf doing the flip) but I like how I got it frozen straight back.

Kind of neat. B&W seemed the way to go too.

Scudder Plaza + heatwave + fountain + Canon 50D = This Weekend Shot.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013

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