JSP Visual Week In Review | 07.27.13


Another busy week here in the Great State of New Jersey.

The heatwave finally broke and we were able to turn off the AC. Opening up the windows again, especially at night, I was happy to find that the bullfrogs, cicadas and all the other little creatures of the night were still there, still vocal. That’s the kind of music I like to fall alseep to.

I was in a camera shop in New Brunswick this week. I took in some big prints that David Burnett had sent me of our CEO, ones he shot back in April. The owner of the shop, Greg, and I got to talking because I had my camera with me. He said “How much do you shoot?”

Almost embarrassingly, I said “Every day.”

Why should I be embarrassed to say that? If I was an artist, I’d draw every day. If I were a race car driver, I’d go around the track every day. Sure, maybe it’s because I shoot digital. Easy to fire off some shots. But that’s not the thing – I’m looking, seeing, deciding.

Yes, if I shot film, I’m sure I’d shoot less. I’d also enjoy it less too, I think.

I do a lot of things everyday, but that doesn’t mean I do them sloppily. You work to get better, to sharpen you craft.

Don’t be embarrassed by shooting a lot. Just shoot. And get it out there.

As an addendum, after I said “Every day”….he said “Wow, that’s great. Wish I did.”


This Week’s Links…

* Anniversary: My Friday Noir series had an anniversary this week – it was started July 24, 2009

* Neat: Pictogram Rock Posters

* Committed: My wife and I, to doing this Tough Mudder, in October.

* Work The Scene

* Good Read: 7 Way To Boost Your Creativity

* Lest We Forget: Never Underestimate The Importance Of An Interesting Subject

* Hey 19: 19th Century Street Photography

* Breathing No More: I was sorry to come across this this week. Sorry…but I understood.

* Just Fun: What’s in Prince’s Fridge (hint: he likes his mustard)

* “Forget the statement. Focus on the mission.” ~ Sir Richad Branson

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