On Assignment: Hit The Gym


Wellness and prevention is a key component of the company I work for. Since we’re in health care, we don’t want to just talk the talk, but we want to walk the walk as well.

One of the interesting employee benefits my company offers is a program called Engergy For Performance In Life (E4PIL for short). E4PIL a hands-on combo classroom and workout program to help may employees stronger, make better food and snack choices, have more energy and perform better both at their jobs and in their physical activity.

Last month, I was asked to photograph their one of their in-gym training sessions. I readily agreed since my schedule was able to accomadate it…finally. I’ve been trying to shoot this for the E4PIL team for a few months now, but it’s just never really worked out.


My thinking here was to approach it from a photojounalism standpoint, record what’s going on. However, I knew, too, that the E4PIL team wanted/needed certain shots for their in-house promotion of the program too. So, there was a bit of a journalistic angle, as well as an editorial slant to these shots. In the best case, one could serve the other and vice versa.

I shot these using the available light that the gym offered me. Since I was running-and-gunning a bit while the participants were working out, I wasn’t setting up any lights or even using a flash. The lighting was pretty good, though I did crank the ISO at times.

(c)JerseyStyle_Photography_Leg Press_bw_e4pil_June2013_7610

(c)JerseyStyle_Photography_Workout dyptch

In addition to the “action” shots, I also wanted to get some detail-type shots too. Wanted to give the E4PIL team plenty to pick from for whatever their needs are now, and may be in future. Anticipation is key, sometimes. Who knows…they may need a shot of the dumbell rack, like above, for a presentation or banner ad.


(c)JerseyStyle_Photography_orange dumbells_MG_7454

I have to say…I’m a bit enamored with the stylished workout images photographers like Corey Rich have been doing. But that wasn’t this type of shoot. Perhaps if I get the chance to “stage” some workouts, then I can get more creative. I do like how some of these look in B&W though. B&W and fitness just seems to fit with me. Maybe it’s all the old bodybuilding magazines I use to read as a kid, and the photo works of guys like Artie Zeller, Russ Warner, Jimmy Caruso, Mike Neveux and Chris Lund. A lot of the stuff they shot was pushing the Tri-X 400 and had some grain, but it looked cool. The new HDR-ish stuff looks cool too.

It was a fun shoot, though, and I hope do another one like it soon. Aside from the lighting, and trying not to get funny facial expressions on the people working out, the other biggest obstacle was…trying to stay out of the shot via all the mirrors. Didn’t always happen…


© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013


3 thoughts on “On Assignment: Hit The Gym

  1. Your choices are good. The photojournalist images may be the best for most images. Being too creative may distract away from the message that is desired. The same with color: it may be distracting from the message. Having participants as models instead of body builders or ‘glamor’ image models adds to the realism.

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