JSP Visual Week In Review | 08.03.13


And so we’ve arrived at August, the dog days of the summer.

Yet, the twilight of the season as well. Oh, summer isn’t so ready to leave just yet – there’s still a lot of baseball to watch, ice cream to drip and sun to enjoy.

Still, it’s almost like summer is starting…in a small way…to clear off it’s desk in anticipation of it’s leaving next month.

Cleaning off the desk…like I was doing yesterday afternoon. I’m officially on vacation for the next week. My wife’s been packing since Wednesday, car is gassed up. We’ll be staying in state this year – wanted to keep the tourist dollars here after Sandy – but it’ll be good to get away. Still…with three kids, two dogs and all that goes a long with that, it’s no small thing to head out.

So, while my feet will be in the sand this week, the JSP blog will go dark for a while. But have no fear…the cameras will be with me and I’ll have some new adventures to report when I get back.

Until then, enjoy the first full week of August. Get into that summer reading if you haven’t already, get on with that summer photo project.

Back in the click of a shutter….


This Week’s Links

* LIFE rides with the Hell’s Angels, 1965

* Interesting: Stipple protects photos with embedded data

* An oldie-but-goodie but hilarious: Great Photographers On The Internet

* Drew Gurain reviews the Leica M9

* From Fast Company: Want to conquer a new skill? Do it every day.

* Always loved this shot: Arnold, 1975

* “Talent is luck. The important thing in life is courage.” ~ Woddy Allen in Manhattan

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