JSP Visual Week In Review | 08.17.13


It was back to the grind this week. Vacation was over. The salt air left my nostrils. Tried to get the sand out from between my toes.

Never one to rest lightly, I jumped right back into the work week, but with some payoffs.

Remember that big project I managed a few months ago? Found out that it won an award in an international competition.

Then this week, another big project I was overseeing and managing launched. Just yesterday, in fact. I’m pretty proud of this one too. Huge amount of team work to pull this one off before September hits, when we can really roll it with content. So, a big “To Do This Summer” got crossed off the list. That’s always a good feeling.

Oh, another “To Do” thing getting crossed off the list (by my wife, primarily): potty training Kraj Kid #2 (Chase)> Starting preschool in a few weeks…gotta get those big-boy underpants on him. (TMI?)

It was a light shooting week for me, but I did get a chance to work with my fiend Amy Fletcher. That’s her in one of the BTS pics above.

So, all in all a good week.

But nothing beats the weekend….


This Week’s Links:

* Super good visual storytelling from the Chicago Tribune here: Chicago Under The Gun. You don’t get this with citizen photojournalists.

* Congrats to my friend Ray Ketcham for this.

* The Story Behind The Portraits

* 10 Books That Inspired Hitchcock Films.

* Four Pieces of Wisdom To Inspire You.

* For the Springsteen fans among us: 15 Great Springsteen Fans You’ve Never Heard Of (via Rolling Stone.)

* From LIFE: Brooklyn In the 1940’s

* “I wish I could carry window light in my camera bag.” ~ Kendrick Brinson

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013


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