JSP Visual Week In Review | 08.24.13


With blazing speed,the sand is slipping out of Summer’s hourglass. This was that purgatory week, the one sandwiched between the “I’m just back from vacation” week and the “Wow, it’s the week before Labor Day Weekend” week.

Which means a whole lot of nothing. I did a little shooting this week, as you can see. Really, spent a good part of my free time finalizing my presentation for Bruce Noir, and rehearsing it, in my head at least. Following Kirk Douglas and Robert Mitchum…guess I can cross that off my bucket list now.

Hope they warm the audience up for me!

This Weeks Links:

* Absolutely gorgeous: The Jockey (multimedia story from the NY Times)

* Magnificent Obsession: Brian Hammil’s images of Robert DeNiro on the Set of Raging Bull.

* Eric Kruszewski: Life After Steel

* Confessions Of A Pro Photographer: Corey Rich’s Top 4 Photo Bombs

* Chase Jarvis’ new brand reel.

* From the NY Times Lens blog: Photo Editors Who Made A Difference

* Cool read about following your dream: Finding John Huston

* Burn interview with David Hobby.

* “I can only encourage you to steal as much as you can. No one will ever notice.” ~ W.E. Seabald

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013

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