JSP Visual Week In Review | 08.31.13

(c)JerseyStyle_Photography_WIR 083113

And this is is.

The long, lazy, hazy days of summer flicker out like a flame at midnight tonight. At least in eyes.

Once September hits, all the optimism, all of the Tom Sawyer/Huck Finn like adventure of summer ends.

I know this sounds all very nihilistic. I know that Autumn is also beautiful, especially here in the Great State of New Jersey. But summer is an attitude to me, a way of thinking, that I just don’t have at other times of the year.

It was a good one. Except for that one pretty strong heatwave, it was nicely warm but not to bad (though my electric AC bill would beg to differ.) Me and the family had some pretty good adventures. I added a couple more to my 100 Strangers project (still missed my goal of finishing it this summer though). I got to see an old friend a couple of times this summer after not seeing him for 20 years.

My kids have gotten bigger and funnier. They all just came back from a week in Lake George, NY, and I swear they all grew a foot and developed even more of a personality. Olivia starts first grade next week, Chase preschool. Matt, well, he’s just inserting himself wherever and every where he can.

It was a productive summer at work, during a time when people normally slack off. I launched a couple of big projects, so while others rested, we worked.

Personally, I read a lot this summer. It was a summer of Mickey Spillane (three novels), James M. Cain (three novels) and Stephen King (1 short novel). Need to get my fall reading list in order.

Sweet Black Cherry, Sea Salt Caramel, Black Raspberry, Scotch On The Rocks, Coconut Almond Delight, Fat Chimp, Blueberry Pie, Peach, Butter Brickle, Eclair, Tin Roof, Apple Pie: All flavors of ice cream I had this summer. It also was a Summer of Ice Cream to say the least. I’ll have to have one more later today.

So, Summer is getting out the door. The evenings are getting cooler, I’m already starting to see some leaves turning color. I think this was my favorite shot from this summer.

What was yours? Leave me a link in the comment section below. If you don’t have a favorite shot, tell me your favorite memory of Summer 2013.


This Week’s Links

* Three short student films made by Martin Scorsese.

* Had a really fun two-hour coffee-and-conversation with NJ-based photographer Allan Shoemake this week. Really nice guy. I like his work.

* From Chicago Tribune photojournalist Alex Garcia: Basic tips for the photojournalist.

* The 50th Anniversary of The Birds celebrated in Bodega Bay (always wished I had visited there when we lived in San Francisco).

* Ever see the Jack Black movie School of Rock? Neat little film. Here’s how it got made.

* Joe McNally gets high again, this time in Boston.

* One good thing about September: Nucky, and Boardwalk Empire, are back.

* Labor Day: Memorial Day without the optimism.


One thought on “JSP Visual Week In Review | 08.31.13

  1. I can’t begin to choose a favorite of what I shot. I have gotten several favorite images. My new (in April) camera let me get some moving water images of a fast flowing stream, a blue heron with dinner, an old railroad bridge, and a low level shot of a Norfolk Southern heritage painted locomotive. My favorite images that I did not shoot this summer were those at the wedding of my daughter on August 30. Of those images, there are several that are my top images of the summer: My daughter in her mother’s bridal gown in a pose similar to her mother’s picture from 36 years ago, my daughter with her husband, my son-in-law carrying his bride up a flight of stairs and across the threshold of their home, and the couple together after wedding.

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