JSP Visual Week In Review | 09.07.13


Can you believe it’s September already?

I know, I know…I express surprise every time the month changes face to a new one. Just seems like it always happens so fast, yet as I look back across August, there’s a good trail to look back on.

And yet, here we are. The big yellow school buses are puttering around again, leaves are starting to change, there’s a chill in the air this morning when I went to get the paper.

Onward ho!

A pretty nondescript week in my camp. Not much time behind the camera, thought I did shoot an interesting person mid-week. Post coming up soon when I’m allowed to release the photos.

Otherwise, it was a quiet entry into September, trying to gain purchase for the final portion of 2013.

Let’s get after it, shall we?


This Week’s Links:

* I was very excited (and thankful) that Rear Curtain published my By Chance or By Appointment photoessay.

* I’ve been checking out the Wonderful Machine blog recently. Good stuff there.

* From the NY Times Lens blog: Iconic Imagery from the Vietnam War era.

* “This is the icon of the century, this flag.” Where is it now?

* Facebook sucks. I really don’t like it. Here’s why.

* These are fun, from Max Vadukul.

* “Opportunity generally looks like a lot of work.” ~ Bill Wadman

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