JSP Visual Week In Review | 09.21.13

(c)JerseyStyle_Photography_WIR  09.21.13

Up with people!

This was a very cool. Spent a lot of time behind the camera shooting some landscape, some architecture, some event photography, some street photography, best of all, some people.

I even shot off the back of bicycle rickshaw going up Park Avenue in New York Cit.

Doing all this reminded me once again what a photographer, at a base level, really is: A problem solver.

Shooting landscape, you have to solve the problem of bad light and wait for the good. Patience required.

Shooting architecture, you have to solve the problem of curves and bends and corners and, yes, bad light. You have to have the right exposure, fill light, etc.

Shooting people, you have to solve the problem of bad light, closed eyes, muddy backgrounds. As I told someone this week, it’s not just taking someone’s portrait – perhaps in a short amount of time – but you have to bring that person out and make them shine. In a short amount of time.

I had some success this week and I had some frustration. If I could devote more time to this craft, I’d get better. I just wouldn’t be able to feed my family just yet. Every time I do portraits, I get better, but I just wish it were more often so that I could get better faster.

The best photographers are problem solvers. It ain’t about the gear.

What problems did you solve this week?


* Charlene Winfred talks about making her first film, Beyond.

* Humanitarian photojournalist Gary S. Chapman on how Clean Water Changes Everything.

* The Ghost Town of Goussainville.

* “You really ought to go home.”

* How far did Rocky run? (When I was at La Salle, me and my friends often had this debate/conversation. Rocky’s route makes no sense if you know Philly…)

* Good piece on an Edward Hopper work, Approaching The City.

* “It doesn’t matter how you got there.” ~ Chase Jarvis

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