Weekend Shot: Thunder, Rolling


Every weekend, there are images.

Of kids, of places, of people, of things.

I try to give a summation of my weekend with these Weekend Shot recaps. The most visually stimulating, for sure. But a visual summary of one I liked the best as well.

This weekend was no exception. Did a lot of work around the yard on Saturday, took the kids to the Asbury Park boardwalk on Sunday. All good stuff.

Saturday, on a run to the local hardware store for some fertilizer, I got caught up in traffic. On a two-lane country road, my lane was stopped. Didn’t know why.

Going the opposite direction from me, though, there was no stopping the two-wheeled traffic.

Motorcycles, hogs, choppers, street bikes…call ’em what you will. Hundreds of them.

As well as the police escort that accompanied them and was keeping them safe.

As these bikers in strong numbers passed, I saw an opportunity, and pulled my 50D off the seat beside me. Tried to capture some of them.

Out the driver’s side window, I fired. A bit of spray and pray. But still…with intent, with purpose.

In looking back at the files, I liked this one…

The wheels…the sun light catch off the headlight frame…and, yes, the smile of the rider.

Never found out what this ride was for. I could have chose others from this weekend. But I went with this one.

It’ll stay with me.

Thunder, rolling.

Yes it did.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013


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