JSP Visual Week In Review | 10.05.13


Alex Rodriguez is suing baseball.

The NFL has been keeping secrets about concussions in their sport.

The government is on shut down.

Washington, DC, saw its share of mayhem and violence this week.

And this is all just the United States.

Man, it’s October, one of the most beautiful months of the year here in the Great State of New Jersey but you have to wonder what’s going on out there. What keeps you going?

I’ll tell you what keeps me going – a company like Radio Flyer. Back in August, some bastard stole my little guy’s tricycle. How low is that? You steal a kids trike. We thought maybe some of the local kids were just playing a prank and it would show up. Nope. Anyway, I aired my disappointment on Twitter, mentioning @RadioFlyer in the post.

Their communications team picked up on this, and dropped me an email asking what the situation was. The gal named Tracy who contacted me seemed genuinely sorry to what had happened. Asked for my address. Next thing we know, a new trike arrived for Chase. And, for good measure, another Radio Flyer product called a Ziggle.

The trike makes Chase smile. The Ziggle makes Olivia giggle.

There IS good stuff out there in world. Even in the midst of the rest of the mess.

So…what are we all shooting this weekend?


* RIP to photographic legend, Bill Eppridge.

– Fantastic remembrance here by the NY Times Lens blog.

– LIFE remembers Bill as well.

– And a good video here of Bill, talking about the importance of the still image.

* We also lost author Tom Clancy this week. Here, Joe McNally remembers shooting him for a Newsweek cover.

* It’ll Be Better Next Year. Fantastic photojournalism and multimedia by Ashley Gilbertson and Ed Kashi.

* Remember that astronaut, Chris Hadfield, that sang Space Oddity while he was in space? Here’s a BTS look at a recent cover he was on, shot by Christopher Wahl. Chris and I worked together in Shanghai a few of years ago (third photo, that’s him in the front of the class room, to the left of the frame.) Chris does a great job coming up with a creative cover portrait.

* Elliott Erwitt, Coloring Outside The Lines

* Video: Rickey Gervais talks about how he learned how to write. Works for us photographers, too.

* Seven days to this. Seven days.

* “My job is to open people’s eyes to all the amazing things they didn’t know existed.” ~ George Steinmetz

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013

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