JSP Visual Week In Review | 10.19.13

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Back in the Great State of New Jersey after spending most of the week in Michigan, about 30 minutes outside Detroit (stayed on 8 Mile Road, actually, but it must have been the more suburban section) I was out there to produce and still shoot a story about a cute little 3-year-old boy with Down’s Syndrome, and how he benefited from a particular, noninvasive surgery to help him breathe better.

I’ve been working on lining up this shoot since July, and schedules and whatnot finally fell into place for this week. The other aspect of the story was to shoot a video interview with the ear,nose & throat surgeon that did the operation on little Christian. So, I picked up a video guy from our multimedia department at work and we headed out. I had never worked with him specifically before, but know him in passing and he seemed like a good guy. I was spot-on with that assessment, plus we talked about photography and videography and gear and lenses the whole trip. He taught me quite a few things as well (I never realized I was “crushing my blacks” so much in my images till he noticed it.)

Anyway, I did the still photography, art directed and interviewed. He did the video and sound. It was a lot for two guys and a rambunctious three-year-old. What I don’t think people realize is how much energy it takes. We’re not just shooting, we’re chatting, talking, smiling, shooting, thinking ahead, problem solving, being personable, checking gear, looking for gear, keeping everyone interested and “up”, backing off when we need to, moving furniture, putting furniture back, clearing media cards, backing up media cards, trying to leave a small footprint.

It’s tiring. But you know what – I absolutely love it. It was inspiring, fun, energetic. John shot some really sweet video, I think I got some nice images (started processing them last night) and the story is going to sing when we put the stills, motion, animation and audio all together.

Of course, the trade-off is that I wasn’t home with the family all week, missed my wife and kids. And was still trying to keep on top of the office stuff going on. But hey, that’s the price to pay.

Now we’re firmly entrenched in mid-October. This weekend will be getting the homestead ready for the coming winter (hopefully no hurricane’s before that – coming up on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy soon).

And PhotoPlus Expo is this week, something I may try to get to. Anyone else going?


This Week’s Links:

* TIME photo essay: The Billionaire Mayor Abroad

* Good read from Brian Storm: Shifting Gears Between Still and Motion

* Author James Ellroy returns to 1940s LA

* Why storytelling is at the heart of photography.

* 125 Years of Nat Geo Photography

* Banksy’s NYC team.

* Trailer: Blade Runner as a 1940s noir film.

* “Photography is not about cameras, gadgets and gismos. Photography is about photographers. A camera didn’t make a great picture any more than a typewriter wrote a great novel. ~ Peter Adams

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