JSP Visual Week In Review | 10.26.13

(c)JerseyStyle_Photography_WIR 102613

The calendar keeps humming a long, the leaves keep turning. This week seemed to speed by for me. Started with an architectural shoot on Monday morning – I really don’t have the right lenses for that but did the best I can and ended with some good news (more on that when all the details are finalized.)

I had frost on my windshield for the first time, and was bummed to miss PhotoPlus Expo this year. I like to go at least one day to see what new, expensive gear I won’t be buying and to bump into old and new photo friends.

But the other cool thing that happened was this – Remember that photo essay I did back near the end of the summer? I called it By Appointment or Chance. All of a sudden this week, I started to see increased hits on that post. And then an increase in comments and emails. Turns out, I guess, the Abbott family came across my post and shared it on Facebook. Sadly, it seems that Esther Abbott, FL’s wife, passed away this week at age 93. I guess the family was doing some Internet work and came across my image.

I received some very nice emails and comments from them. The consensus was that they really liked the images and were happy I shot them. Helped them take a walk down memory lane this week. I’m going to send the family these images as it seems like a Christmas present to one of the other family members is in the works. I’m also making a print of that first image in the post, which I’ll send to them.

Just goes to show, you never really know how your images will touch someone. I felt pretty good this week when I started to get those emails from the family. Maybe, because I picked up my camera and clicked off a few frames, and took the time to do the story, it made their tough week a little easier.

In other JSP news, my littlest guy, Matty, turned 2 earlier this week. He’s the studied, conservative one of the three. He watches what his older sister and brother do, and then decides whether to take the plunge or not. That said, he mimics his older brother every chance he gets. Those two together are going to quite the force.

Matt’s bday is the new starting line to the end of the year for me. His birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve…the snowball is starting to roll down the hill. The World Series started the other night…and in two months it’ll be Christmas Eve.

Crazy. Enjoy it.


This Week’s Links:

* Pete Souza on his photographic partnership with President Obama.

* Actors Who Got Their Start on Miami Vice.

* Neat: Via the British Film Institute, Gothic book covers for modern movies.

* If you so desire…PulpCon 2013 in Bordentown, New Jersey, is coming up.

* The After-Work Routines of Top CEO’s.

* Cory Rich and The Story Behind The Image.

* Good read here from New Jersey writer Thomas Pluck.

* “I have some good news…” ~ Anon (more to come…)

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