Weekend Shot: Make It Fall


How come Monday/TuesdayWednesday/Thursday…don’t roll past as quickly as Saturday/Sunday do?

It must be some Doc Brown/Back To The Future/Time-Space Conundrum. Really, Saturday and Sunday’s speed by us because of some weird isotope or something.

Friday ended with some interesting news (yes, foreshadowing again…) and we rolled into the weekend. Saturday, kinda packed, as usual, but me and the kids found an hour to hang out at our favorite watering hole. Threw rocks in the pond, watched the ducks, generally enjoyed a Saturday afternoon in the Fall.

Exhibit A, above.

Saturday and Sunday, I had my cook going on. We were celebrating Matt’s 2nd birthday, had some family over (Missed you Grandma and Pop!). I made pulled pork slider and chili, Elmo cake from Maggie Moo’s for all.

All in all, a fun weekend that sped by in the speed of the flux capacitor. Crazy, fun, family, kids, good eats, good wine, totally blown out by the time Boardwalk Empire rolled credits on Sunday night.

As a weekend should be, I guess.

Kids + Fall + Nik Collection + Beautiful Fall Light = This Weekend’s Shot

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013


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