Remembering The Mean Old Broad

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Today’s a day of remembrance here in New Jersey, at least. It was one year ago today that Hurricane Sandy touched down and changed lives all over the state.

Some people have battled back, rebuilt, restored. But, unfortunately, there are still many, many, many people that are STILL suffering from the devastation. Billions in aid money has yet to be given out (where the hell did it go??). People are paying mortgages on homes that are unlivable. Businesses have been lost. Dreams sniffed out.

Our governor, Chris Christie, will make the day making the rounds of a number of the beach towns hit especially hard last year. Again, some have recovered. Some haven’t. In between all the back slapping and hand shaking, I do hope someone asks the hard questions and finds out where all that money is.

Personally, my family was lucky. We were out of power for a week, a few trees tipped in the yard. Nothing major. I’s easy to forget all the people that lost everything and are still trying to claw their way back.

And, with every disaster like this, hopefully there are some good things that have come out of it. Maybe better emergency systems have been put in place. Maybe better evacuation plans. Maybe better natural strongholds. Put Sandy What Have We Learned into Google and you’ll see a plethora of opinion.

Here’s the photo slideshow I did last year:

Two things I learned from the ordeal one year ago:

* Never underestimate the power of nature.

* The people of New Jersey really are Jersey Strong.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013


One thought on “Remembering The Mean Old Broad

  1. I liked the slide show, especially the pavement level shot.

    Parts of New Jersey are still fighting to recover. I’m certain there is lot’s of blame to go around. Too many people in positions of responsibility (public and private) have forgotten that their action and inaction affect people that are still adversely affected by the storm.

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