JSP Visual Week In Review | 11.09.13


This week sped by with the swiftness of the tree in our backyard shedding it’s leaves. One day it was there…yesterday morning I eyed it’s nakedness. Didn’t even have any high winds or storms to help it.

Just decided it was time to shed, rest a little and start the renewal process.

Life is all about shedding, renewing, revitalizing. Myself, I’ll be shedding my old job in a couple of weeks, and taking off on a new adventure. Similar, for sure, but new all the same. New people, new challenges, new “wins” as they like to say in corporate life. I’m hoping for some renewing and revitalizing myself.

Found out today that our star of yesterday’s image, Charlene, is going through a rough patch right now. See, I’ve never met Charlene, just read her blogs and eyed her images. I feel like I know here. Seems that, what I wrote for that photo – feelings of loss, memories – is hitting very close to home. I had no idea. Maybe it was some cosmic or divine intervention that made those words come out of my fingertips.

All I know, this world, this internet, this photographic community – it can get small really quick. We’re all in this together. No one, really, has any advantages. We all have our 24 hours, let’s do the best we can with them.

And please keep Charlene in your thoughts. She’s got good support, but a little more can’t hurt.


This Week’s Links:

* I went a-printing this week.

* BTS: Joe McNally hangs with Boston’s finest and Big Papi for a great cover. Si.

* One of my favorite photojournalists, Alex Garcia, on patience.

* Time traveling in Gallup, New Mexico. By Flemming Bo.

* If you read only one thing this week: Jim Mortram on Small Town Inertia.

* Watch: Pattie Smith closes NYC’s CBGB’s.

* “Remember to be careful how you fight your fights because that will be the way you live your life.” Cus d’Amato


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