Weekend Shot: Sunday Morning, Jersey City


I shot a lot of photos this weekend.

I shot a lot of lousy photos too.

On Friday, my long-weekend rental from Borrowed Lenses arrived: A Fuji X-100s.

In a post down the road, I’ll give my contribution to the ever-expanding reviews of this camera. Let’s just say that it’s taken me some getting used to.

Image above was taken as I rolled through Jersey City, NJ. There are certain section of Jersey City that you don’t want to stop in. I think I was in one of them. But I liked what I saw here, and as is my wont, pointed the X100s and fired.

Not a great photo to be sure. I picked this one because I like the colors (I know, it sounds like a five-year-old picking their favorite pro football team.). The taxi is in focus, the people are soft. 23mm lens at f/2, ISO 100.

There are some things I’m liking about this camera. Some things I’m not.

Like I said, full review, for what it’s worth, coming soon.

Jersey City + great colors + Fuji X100s = This Weekend Shot.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013


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