JSP Visual Week In Review | 11.23.13


Is it really the Saturday before Thanksgiving (US-version)?

Is the football season (US-version) really at the half-way point?

Are really heading into the last week of November, with the full-out Christmas assault ready to start?

Geez, what other kinds of changes can be happening?

Well, for one, Friday was my last day at a job I’ve had for six years, allowed me to do some very cool things in the digital space, and to see the world.

But, the good thing about working for a large, multinational holding company with 250 operating companies, you get the chance to move to new roles and companies while staying under the umbrella of the mothership (meaning, I don’t have to roll over any 401ks and onboarding to the new role is much easier because I already know the overall scope of the company). So, while it’ll be new and different, it won’t be alien and scary.

It was time for me to switch roles. Corporate life, like life itself, has ebbs and flows. My department had changed a lot in the last six years, some for the good, some for the not so good. They will get on without me and I them. Things happen, times change. I pretty much knew, since the summer, that I wouldn’t last out the year my current role. The question was where I would land.

But, I think I’m going to land pretty well. The new job will build on the newer skills that I’ve accumulated in the last six years, while also using the skills I’ve accumulated in the 15 years. I’ll be overseeing the design and rebuild of a external facing website, perhaps the design of an internal portal, while also working with cool creatives and art directors/photographers to build up this company’s photography assets and branding.

Basically, everything in my wheelhouse of interests.

Best of all, other little perks as well (closer commute, good people, fresh start. On the downside, I won’t work on an annual report this year, always one of my favorite projects. I turned the reins over to that project, and my major one, yesterday.

A quick two-day weekend bumper and I start the new gig on Monday.

And away we go……..


* If you’re a Strobish reader, changes are coming.

* Johnny Cash’s Things To Do Today.

* Joe McNally on his new Wonderful Machine portfolio.

* Abe Lincoln was one cool cat. Just read his humble response here.

* Writer David Goodis gets some long-awaited recognition in Philadelphia. Who’s David Goodis? Watch.

* 32 Things Photographers Say (and what they really mean.)

* Dan Farrell, the Long Island, NY, photographer who shot the iconic image of JFK, Jr. saluting at this father’s funeral.

* Good read via my buddy David Spira: 11 Things I Wish I Knew Before Learning The Guitar (applications to other parts of life/passions)

* “Observe. Listen. Reflect.” ~ Bjorn Edlund (I went to a dinner this week where Bjorn spoke and while his remarks were brief overall, these three words stuck with me.)



2 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review | 11.23.13

  1. Congratulations Mark on the new job! They are very lucky to have you on their team. I will miss the side benefits of the Annual Report but I am sure you will find a way to keep doing what you do best 😉

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