Teal Is The Warmest Color


I’ll be the first to tell you – I thought I’d be done with my 100 Strangers project by now.

This thing has dragged on longer than the filming of Apocalypse Now.

It was my goal at the start of 2013 to finish it up by summer.

Didn’t happen.

Then it was my goal to finish it up during the summer.

Didn’t happen.

There was a fleeting thought to get it finished by the end of 2013.

Not sure that will happen.

But it’s all good, I guess. Again, I’m not trying to force it. When I see and met people that interests me, I’ll shoot them. Walking up Broadway in NYC two weeks ago, I’m sure I could have just picked a spot, told my project tale and knocked off the last seven or eight.

That’s takes the fun out of it, though. (then again, I’ve threatened to do that very thing – maybe I should just do it, like Zack Arias did once did – 10 portraits in an hour.)

So anyway, the project goes on…

Now, though, I’d like you to meet Lonnie. Lonnie is #93.

I met Lonnie in Trenton, New Jersey (well, that’s what the zip code says. I think of it more as Hamilton, New Jersey.)

He had me at his car.

I was killing some time until the UPS building opened (had to pick up the Fuji X100s that I had rented from Borrow Lenses). As I was driving around this area that is, by postal code, Trenton, NJ, I saw this fantastic-looking Chrysler New Yorker on a trailer.


I pulled into the lot, and Lonnie was out securing it. He told me it was a 1967. I asked him if I could shoot for for my Hell On Wheels project.

He agreed, and we started to chat. He lives in North Carolina and restores, rebuilds and resells old cars in his spare time. He bought this one for about $1,400 from a guy in Maryland. He said he’s going to pull the engine and drop it in a 1939 hot rod he’s rebuilding. Going to sell off other parts, and then the body to someone that does demolition derbies (they like the long back ends – they can crush them up without really hitting anything vital.)


They don’t make colors like that anymore. The body panels of team match the window tint!

I asked him if I could shoot the ’39 hot rod, but, unfortunately, it’s in North Carolina. I doubt my wife would give me clearance for that road trip.

Lonnie was a super nice guy and, if I didn’t have my boys in the back of my truck, I could have talked to him more. Plus, I had a Fuji X-100s to pick up.

In the end, it was about a seven- minute conversation with a cool guy.

And now Lonnie is now Stranger #93. Seven to go….

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013

2 thoughts on “Teal Is The Warmest Color

    • Hi Laurel….

      100 Strangers is definitely addictive. I ebb and flow with mine, in no real rush, but still want to get to the end. I see you’ve started on on the journey…good luck!

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