Friday Noir: Walk The Line


You play by the rules?


Nothing gets done living inside the bounds.

I keep the ends out, looking for the ties that bind.

In the meantime, I make my own way, burning the road back.

Pretty soon, though, the Angel of Time will tell you:

Be careful when you make your wish, son.

‘Cause with with every wish comes a curse.

Keep those ends out, and walk the line.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013


7 thoughts on “Friday Noir: Walk The Line

    • Charlene – you’re correct (by “the trots” I assume you mean something to do with horse racing?) – Found this spot on an old harness racing horse farm. That sulky-looking thing is one of the two-wheeled carts the rider sits in. I liked the red of the No Smoking sign and the red of the cart.

      • Doh, yes harness-facing is what i meant by “the trots” (couldn’t for the life of me remember what the non-Aussie-vernacular term was). I love this location you’ve used. Was horse-mad as a kid and I guess some things never really leave you.

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