Weekend Shot: Scouting Cute Chicks

(c)JerseyStyle_Photography_Cute chicks3_6718

And so the long holiday weeekend has come to a close and those of us with day jobs are back at it.

First, since it’s December, you all backed up your November work right? (And January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, and October as well, aye?)

Me, I’ve done so. About 30 GB last month. Always feels like more.

This weekend was the time to hang out with the family, get out into the crisp air, and shoot some cute chicks.

I know, right? Kinda had you there, didn’t I?

Yesterday, me and Kraj Kid #1 and Kraj Kid #2 went to the farm up the street. During the summer, it’s a weekly stop for fresh veggies and to visit with Pork Chop, the pig, and a couple of sheep. During October, you can pick pumpkins there. And now the Christmas Tree farm is open.

We went on a scouting expedition, basically. Kraj Kid #3 was napping so we three went up to check the trees out and take a tractor ride. Probably get our holiday tree there next weekend. But we enjoyed the tractor ride around the farm and another visit to Pork Chop.

While we were ambling around, I saw this scene over the chicken coop. Loved how the sky looks. Frankly, the whole scene to me looks like a set. Like I had the set designer drop in a blue sky/white fluffy cloud backdrop in there. Including the two birds in the upper right of the frame. Couldn’t let it go to waste.

I cropped it in-camera this way, and used the Nik Collection / HDR to pop the clouds and the colors. I don’t normally shoot verticals, but when I do…I better like.

Local farm + cute chicks + Nik HDR = This Weekend Shot

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013

3 thoughts on “Weekend Shot: Scouting Cute Chicks

  1. Funny you should bring up backing up. I have been reading quite a bit on organizing my library(Lightroom) and backing up files(purchasing another external HD). Trying to get ready for Jan. to turn over a new leaf. Organizing and backing up, both goals for the new year.

    • Yes, try to turn over that new leaf, Mike. I had a HD crash in 2012 and lost most of my photos from the year (except what I posted to my Flickr page and Zenfolio account. At least that’s some backup too.) Then I had a Zip file of last December’s work corrupt. I lost alot of 2012 ,unfortunately. Been much more dilligent about backing up in 2013.

      And then there’s printing too. You said you print in Manalapan – where? I usually use Mpix or AdoramaPix on line. Not expensive, great colors.

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