Christmas Noir: Sol Invictus

(c)JerseyStyle_Photography_Quiet Night_2012_4862

It’s that’s time of year again isn’t it?

The short days seems to run long into the deep night.

The cold air gets inside us, chills the bones.

You turn your collar up and button up your flogger tighter.

The year is running down, looking to be born again.

Yeah, even us mugs take it easy now.

Nothing like the warm glow from the ol’ Tannenbaum.

And maybe a glass of rye, on the side.

Did you do what you came here to do this year?

Ain’t time to quit just yet.

Come the light, come the dawn.

There’s still time, before the deep winter freeze sets in.


Ah, the tradition begins anew! Jersey Noir now becomes Christmas Noir!

I love to juxtapose the traditional noir meme’s with the traditional holiday ones. It’s nothing new, there’s a whole subgenre of Christmas Noir out there. I guess it’s that juxtaposition again – of the warm, laughing holiday time with the guy in the fedora, lighting another Lucky and jamming his .45 deeper into his waistband.

Who knows what’ll happen.

So, for the next three weeks, stop back for a hot toddy and some Christmas Noir. There’s a dark side even to the most wonderful time of the even. And anyway, we can only take so much Michael Bolton in those Honda commercials.

It’s enough to make anyone want to grab their mohaska and start booming….

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013

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