A Bitter Little Year: The 2014 Jersey Noir Calendar

2014 Calendar Cover

Still looking for some almost last-minute items to stuff that stocking with? Or maybe you’re looking for for a new analog calendar to hang up in your corner office, cube or in the garage?

Or maybe you’re a fan of my Jersey Noir series. (you are, right?)

Well, psst…have I got a deal for you. C’mon over here where the light is better…

I’ve put together A Bitter Little Year – The 2014 Jersey Noir Calendar – 12 months of fedoras, dames, gats and, of course, Lucky Strikes.

Bitter Little Year_2014 Jersey Noir Calendar

I created these through Mpix, one of my favorite online operations for prints, books and other things like this.

The calendars are 11 x 8.5, matte pages, spiral bound in the middle, using Mpix’s Signature paper. I just had a look at a test copy and really like how it came out.

Each month comes not only with the image, but some of my typical hard-boiled, Raymond Chandler-esque text that accompanies all my Jersey Noir photos each week. I also added in some key dates throughout the year for you to remember (though Mpix auto-fills some others and I wasn’t able to delete them. Not sure who celebrates “Stephen Foster Day” but it’s in there.)

The Particulars:

Cost: The calendars are $30.00 each. Not much of a mark-up or anything, just covering the cost of getting them printed and then mailed out to you.

Ordering: Send me an email at jerseystylephotography@gmail.com, tell me how many calendars you want, include your mailing address and I’ll put the order into Mpix for you. Put: I Want A Bitter Little Year in the subject line.

Delivery: Give me 5-7 days to get them to you. Plenty of time for Christmas, certainly before 2014 kicks off. If you need it faster, let me know and we’ll work it out.

Payment: I’ll set up payment through PayPal – I’ll send you a Payment Request and that should work. If you want to send me a check, or unmarked bills, we can make that happen as well.

So pull out your foldin’ money and place your orders for A Bitter Little Year.

Hope you like it!

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013

7 thoughts on “A Bitter Little Year: The 2014 Jersey Noir Calendar

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  4. I got mine in the mail today and it’s a great product. Aside from the awesome photography, Mpix prints the calendar on good quality, sturdy paper. Totally worth the price; if you haven’t ordered one you should.

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