JSP Visual Week In Review | 12.14.13


Whoa! Second week of December and Old Man Winter and Mother Nature are doing the snow dance around these parts. We’re getting ready to get socked for the third time this week with some snow/ice precipitation.

I know that’s not a lot for my northern area readers (Hi Canada!) or those from Northern Europe (Hi Sweden!), or maybe even those in Northeast Pennsylvania (Hi Mom!).

But for a state that doesn’t get much snow in the 14 years I’ve been living here, three times in one week is pretty newsworthy. Because of that, though, I’ve been shooting a bunch of snow pics this week – of snowmen, of kids, of landscape. I don’t find them particularly challenging, but I guess many do since I saw a plethora of “How to take good snow photos” proliferating my feeds. All you have to do is Google it.

It’s fun getting out there with the kids (Kraj Kid #3 wanted nothing to do with hats and boots and snow. He stayed in watching Curious George).

Right now the morning skies are leaden gray, and it should start any hour now. I’m going to get in a quick trail run before it does – or maybe after it starts – pretty fun to run in the snow.

What was in front of your camera this week?


This Week’s Links:

* Yay! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

* Oh, and I put together a 2014 Calendar.

* Another one of these. Breaks my heart. Makes me want to home school my kids.

* BTS (sort of) with Jersey boy Danny Clinch.

* I’ve watched this about 10 times. Love this Tullamore Dew advertisement. Especially when he tips his hat to let the rainwater drip into his whiskey.

* From Photofocus: Five Photos That Charted My Career.

* From Fast Company: “Kids exposed to the arts gain more than just being creative.

* I got nothing here. Speechless.

* What was it like to shoot last weekend’s Philadelphia Eagles / Detroit Lions Snow Game.

* The next generation of online story telling.

* “The greatest photographs are motivated by human feeling.” ~ David Burnett

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