Weekend Shot: Even More Gone


I don’t think I’ve done this before with my Weekend Shots this year: I revisited a same location as the week before.

It’s not that odd, actually. Sometimes my weekend travels don’t take me far from the usual routes. But, even if staying pretty local, I had I try to vary up the routes. Maybe go a little out of my way to take a different road, see what I can see.

After last week’s shot, though, I headed back this same road this Saturday while we waited for the snow to start.

And I got a little sad at what I saw. Far advanced from last week, the old buildings were nearly all deconstructed. Piles of rubble dot the land where the old horse farm once was.

I don’t know why it bothered me. I don’t know the family that owned the land. I don’t really know what the land was used for aside from the perhaps the obvious equestrian usage. I’m sure there’s a story to it; wish I could maybe tell it.

I guess, too, because over the last year, I’ve take sometime to explore it a little bit, and this location gave me some images I really like. I like how the light filtered through the broken ceilings and dirty windows. I liked the silence that pervaded the space when I was there.

I realize it probably had to go. It’s a welcome invitation for mice, rats and other critters. Possibly even some vagrants too. I just imagine what it was like when it was a bustling farm, people, trucks going in and out. Horses snorting and whining. The pastures green with clover.

Now the bulldozers are doing their work. Probably when I go back again, it’ll all be piles of rubble.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013


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