JSP Visual Week In Review | 12.21.13


Is your shopping done yet?

If one more person asks me that…..

How did it ever come to this? Bigger, better, faster, shinier.

Does that really make the season bright? Probably not.

All these “Make this Christmas the best ever!” advertisements….I think two things:

1) How are they going to top the first one?

2) If it is the best ever…what’s there to look forward to then?

Does that make me overly pessimistic? Not trying to be. Just trying to keep it all in perspective and remember what it’s all about.

Actually, I’m in a good spot now. With three kids, 6 and under, the wonder of the season is definitely there. We’ve had fun moving our Elves On the Shelf (Michael and Meghan, respectively). Liv has made her Christmas list, and it’s not wildly out of proportion to her age (no electronics, thankfully). The boys just like going with the holiday flow. (though why they enjoy Ron Howard’s Grinch is beyond me. I think that horrible piece of cinema should be banned.)

Now we’re closing in on the holiday. It’ll be over before we know it.

Then that lag week that finished up the year. It’s all winding down.

Only to power back up.


This Week’s Links:

* From LIFE: Remembering the photographers we lost in 2013

* Congrats to Flemming Bo and Charlene on the launch of their business, Coffee and Magic,and their first website build.

* Looking back at 2013, Billy Joel style.

* Travel Photographer Of The Year

* As a former journalist (news and sports) who feels sports writing could be some of the best there is: Let Me Know When Great Sports Writing Returns

* Via LIFE: Tippi Hendren (the actress): Living With Lions

* From The Atlantic: Why The World Needs Photojournalists

* Normally he’s all wet (he does surf photography), but here’s some really nice NYC street work from NJ’s Ryan Struck.

* From The Onion, sad but true: Find The Thing You’re Most Passionate About and Do It Nights and Weekends. Sound familiar?

* Good read from Charles Gupton: Hold The Focus Still.

* Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee. Big time waste, but funny as hell.

* I had a nice conversation with Senator Cory Booker. Sort of.

* Video: The Wolf of Bedford Falls.

* Video: And finally…Santa Clause Is Coming To Town by The Boss…

* “Ford/Chevy/Honda/Nikon/Canon/Fuji – all I care about is looking the person in the eye after making pictures & not losing trust.” ~ Roger May

2 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review | 12.21.13

    • Nothing really special about the 7 1/2. I was walking to the barbershop and I just noticed it at the doorway of a building – not 7, not 8. 7 1/2. The color red often catches my eye and I had to snap a pic of it with my Blackberry. Just a visual diary entry, that’s all. 🙂

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