2013 In The Rearview

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Free Boat_2013

And so we’ve come to the end. The house lights are coming on, they’re starting to sweep up.

Best intentions for 2013 are best put away now. Time to look ahead, move forward.

There are so many areas that make up our lives, it’s very hard to get them all in sync. Personally, professionally, hobbies, passions. The yin and Yang is the hardest part.

Overall, 2013 was good to me. It was a great year watching my family, especially the kids, grow. We have our ups and downs – some illness, some issues with our home. Tears flow.

But we have a lot of great times as well. We explore the Great State of New Jersey with the same passion as world travelers. Diners and ice cream shops can’t hide from us. The Jersey Shore is still THE destination point for us.

Professionally, it was an uneasy year for much of it. While I felt I was excelling in my “9 to 5” job (wait, who works 9 to 5 anymore??), a new management regime changes the scope and tone of the department I was in. Thankfully, I was able to jump out of the burning plane and my parachute has landed me in a very nice new role, with good people.

Passions and hobbies – it’s right here, at this blog post. And if you frequent this spot of the web, you have a front-row seat. I post 231 times in 2013. Some say blogging is dead. Not to me. Some say I post to frequently. Maybe. But this is my vehicle. I can do with it what I want, right? I’ve had a steady influx of new subscribers this year, so something must be resonating. For all you new followers, and for all you that have been with me a long time – I thank you! Hey, there’s a lot of noise on the Internet. I appreciate your stopping by and seeing what’s going on.

Some other highlights, in no particular order:
* I lost 25 pounds and got in better shape. A bit more cardio, a bit less on the plate. It’s not that hard.
* Competing in the Tough Mudder was a milestone for me and my wife. Not sure we’ll do that particular race again, though I’m considering a Spartan Race in 2014.
* I sold some photos this year, won a couple of photo contests. Yay!
* A few images were used as book covers.
* I worked with some cool photographers this year: Gary S. Chapman, Amy Fletcher, David Burnett, John Thoma. Always great to watch the pros in action. And I steal learn from them as well.
* I shot with a Canon 50D, Canon S100, Canon S110, Fuji X-100s, and a Blackberry. In the video below, you’ll see shots from all of these cameras. Often hard to tell the difference. It’s not the tool, it’s the result – and YOUR result. If you like the image, the shot works.
* I purchased the Nik Collection this year and started to play around with some HDR-type images. Nothing to crazy, I’ll leave that to the experts. But the Nik collection certainly helps my post-processing workflow.
* My 100 Strangers project was featured in Issue 4 of of Rear Curtain. RC also featured a couple of other of my photoessays on their website throughout the year. Good folks, them.
* I presented at Bruce Noir in Asbury Park, one of the highlights this past year.
* One of my most popular blog posts was about woman who has me tattooed on her arm.
* I shot a number of personal projects that I’m really happy with, such as By Appointment Or Chance.
* I made some progress on my 100 Strangers project, but I really need to close it out in 2014. Here’s the current full gallery.
* Hell On Wheels is another new personal project I’ve been adding to.
* The finding of new photographers, artists, creatives that influence and inspire me continues to grow. Wow.reme
* I made a couple of photo books this year, made some prints. More of that in 2014!

What was defined for me this year? I like shooting people, or scenes with people in them. Going through my 2013 book, I see I shot a lot landscapes. Or, rather, local scenes that have a beauty to me. That’s fine. But I increasing like to get people into the shot to give it drama (either with a big D or little d). So, I’ll try to shoot more people in 2014.

Full scene to detail. Observe. Listen. Reflect = The ultimate goals in my photographic storytelling.

In 2014, better time management. More time with family. More reading. Less TV (even as background noise). More natural, less processed. More roasted veggies.

Back up more often.

Do the roadwork.

Show it.

I tried to pick my “favorite” photo from 2013 but I don’t edit that well. So, I decided on presenting a few that I really like, or hold a particular favorite memory to me. There were others I like, others I’m proud to have shot. But I selected these as my favorites and that’s what I’m going with. Please take a couple of minutes to watch the video below (or click here to watch it on YouTube) and let me know what you think.

What was your favorite JSP image of the year? What was YOUR favorite shot of the year? Drop me a link in the comments….

So that’s it. 2013 in the rear view. Clean slate tomorrow.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014.

Let’s do it.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2013

2 thoughts on “2013 In The Rearview

  1. It’s been a good year for you photographically, Mark. Thank you for sharing it with us at RC. We love having you as part of our family and we look forward to seeing more great pictures from you in 2014.

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