JSP Visual Week In Review | 01.04.14


We made it through to the other side!



The ‘OneFour.

A whole blank page, a tabula rasa, ahead of us to fill.

Or smudge.

My week started about 147 miles northeast of the Great State of New Jersey, up in my boyhood home in Pennsylvania. It had been awhile since I had been home to visit my parents, and I was happy to get up there. Took the kids while my wife stayed back since she wasn’t feeling well. Plus, a couple of days of quiet from our day-to-day shenanigans could be a good thing.

Naturally, being home in my father’s house leads leads me back to Springsteen. Going home to visit is often like going back in time – remembering those days in high school of driving around with friends, trying to figure things out. Think, too, that’s when my love of diners started. It was a good visit for me and the kids. Plus, I finally got a neat shot of my favorite pizza place in the Wyoming Valley.

Speaking of diners, January 1 saw me again having my first meal of the year in a NJ diner as I headed to a shoot later that morning. More on all of that in the next few days.

Of course, with a new year comes a time to change things up, try some different things. I thought about disbanding these Visual Week In Reviews. I decided to keep them, though. They give me an opportunity to look back and see if I actually did anything this past week. As we see, some weeks are better than others. Sometimes I have to work to find even six shots to put in the mosaic at the top. Other times, I’m flush with choices. The mosaics are not always my best shots of the week, just visual cues of the past week.

To a bit of that end, I’ve decided to keep a 2014 diary/journal/logbook a la Austin Kleon. That photo in the mosaic of the notebook with 2014 on it is the thing (catchy, huh?)

It’s tripped through the transom of my brain enough lately that I thought I should give this a fair shot. We’ll see how it goes, though. (In much the same way, shutting down my Facebook page has also been tripping through my brain. But I haven’t pulled the deactivate trigger on that yet.)

I’ll be interested to see how this logbook-type things goes. Or if I find it valuable. Anyone else do something like this? I take notes of things all the time in another notebook I have, but this is a bit different.

From a photography perspective, I have a few local stories that I’d like to try to shoot, once the weather breaks a little.

From a mind perspective, open up my reading genres a bit. Try some different types of books, so if you have any “hey, this was a good book” suggestion, drop it in the comments, shoot me an email or Tweet me. (However, that said, going to try to stop “checking” so much. You all know what I mean.)

From a health/fitness perspective, just try to keep eating more natural and cleaner. The more you read about all the junk that goes into our food, it’s scary. For my kids too. Also, last year was the year of Tough Mudder. This year, I think, I’ll become a Spartan. The Spartan Race is a goal for later this year.

How about you? Any goals or resolutions this year?

OK, time to get it it. Let’s fill up that tabula rasa.


* Wall hanging. Nice!!

* RIP LIFE photographer John Dominis. I had this photo as my screensaver for quite a while. Tells so much.

* Banish these in ’14.

* PS’ing on the pounds.

* Etched in Sand.

* Work ethic v Inspiration

* Study. Listen. Wait. Watch the promo from Flemming Bo Jensen.

* One of my favorite blogs: Wonderful Machine.

* Another favorite: Chris Crisman.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2014


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