On Ice

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Right now, it’s about 5 degrees outside. Wind chill has dropped to the minus category. We’re sitting under almost a foot of snow. It began coming down around 10 a.m. yesterday morning, and continue to drop, blow, lay, drift for the rest of the day and night. My 37 minute drive home from work on major highways was a two-hour crawl.

Thankfully, it’s now less than two months till the first day of Spring. I’m not really a winter guy. I can appreciate it, but I’d much rather the warmers months of the year.

I’m also not a fisherman. I don’t know the last time I held a fishing rod in my hands. I know people find it relaxing and whatnot. I guess it’s a good way to disconnect, though with Wifi all over the place, one can stay pretty well connected.

Back at the end of December, when me and the kids were visiting my folks in Northeast Pennsylvania, I had the opportunity to get out to Francis Slocum State Park in nearby Mount Olive,PA. This is a beautiful state park my parents, especially m dad, would take us to in the fall to hike the trails.

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It’s huge. More than 700 acres devoted to hunting. An almost 170 acre fresh-water lake for boating and fishing. Thirteen miles of hiking trails. The Francis Slocum story is pretty neat too. If I still lived up in that area, I’d be spending a lot of time there.

It had recently snowed when we visited. The winter blanket lay all sharp and sparkly across the lake. Still hung like a shawl on the trees.

Me and the kids hiked around a little. We had it almost all to ourselves at that time of the morning. The one lone figure we saw was a guy ice fishing. He was sitting about 300 yards from shore, a solitary statue sitting on a white bucket. Cell phone to his ear.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Ice fisherman3_122813_7861

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Ice Fisherman_122013_7863

Like I said, I’m not much of a fisherman. And I don’t enjoy winter that much (though that day at Francis Slocum, it was quite nice.) Sitting out on a frozen lake….fishing….nope, not for me.

Me and the kids walked out on the lake a little but I was wary. They had never stood on a frozen lake before, but my suburban reservations took over. That said, if the kid weren’t with me, I would have take the walk out to the ice fisherman and taken some more shots.

As it was, I was happy to take in the beauty of the state park. The cool blue tones were a natural that morning.


We had a good visit to Francis Slocum State Park, and a return is in order for this summer. Best of all, no one fell through the ice to sleep with the fishes.

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3 thoughts on “On Ice

  1. “In the autumn of 1837 two of Frances Slocum’s brothers, Isaac and Joseph… along with an interpreter traveled to Deaf Man’s Village, outside of Peru, Indiana.…” That “interpreter” was my great-great grandfather, John Miller, who was a trapper and lived near Peru. My grandmother told me this story many times when I was a kid.

  2. Your photos and prose are great for a cold night. It tells many things that are not explicitly shown or stated. Thank you.

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