First The Fiction, Now The Pulp

AP Masthead

Since I often run my noir imagery on Friday’s, I thought today would be a good day for a BIG NEAT ANNOUNCEMENT:

Drumroll please….or the slow wail of a sax, whichever you prefer

Jersey Noir is getting syndicated!

Well, sort of.

Beginning today, and now running every Friday till we’re all six feet under – or so I hope – the website will be running selected Jersey Noir images and stories – both older ones from my archives as well as any new ones that will be coming out.

I’m really excited about this new partnership with the team at Asbury Pulp to bring my images to more people. I’m thrilled that the fine folks at Asbury Pulp will now make Jersey Noir as standing Friday event.

No better way to end the week than with a little noir. Especially Jersey Noir.

It all starts today. Here’s a peek at how the Jersey Noir page there is set up.

AP Post 1.24

I love how they’ve set the page up, and the cool font they will tell my stories in. And the way this connection came about it interesting as well.

Back around January 1, I threw into the Almighty Search Engine “Sons of Ireland Polar Bear Plunge Asbury Park” and came across this post.

This was the first time I had heard of Asbury Pulp, unfortunately. Somehow, I had never come across the site before.

But the more I scrolled around the site, the more interested in it I became. Check out some of these posts:

* Being Bogie.

* Kennedy’s Missing Eyes

* Asbury Park High: Glory Days

* Introducing The Baker Street Babes

* The Game Is Afoot

* Stephen Crane Goes Down.

* The whole section, Asbury Pulp Illustrated (which is where Jersey Noir will “live” on the site.)

The more I read on the site, the more I liked. So, later that week, I sent an email off to the editor, Steven Froias, for a couple of reasons: One, I wanted to let him know that I had just shot the 2014 Plunge, and maybe they could use the images. And two, I wanted to get their eyes on my Jersey Noir images. I figured if that’s what their readers were into, they’d enjoy them as well.

I got a nice response from Steven and, a few days later, we were on the phone together, discussing getting this thing of ours going.

Now, a whole new audience will get a chance to check out Jersey Noir. Steven will dig deep into my photo archives and pull whatever he wants each week.

More so, though, I’m excited to provide content, and be a contributor, for a hustling website, one that gives a voice to the creatives of New Jersey and afar.

Be it fiction, photography, news, events, the mantra of Asbury Pulp is Define Yourself. We’ll do the rest. I like that.

By now having Jersey Noir become part of Asbury Pulp…it seems to be a good marriage of similar crafts.

Or at least a hot-blooded dalliance with a mug in a hopped-up roadster packing a well-oiled gat.

From the Turnpike to the back streets, from where the sidewalks start to where the high-end meet the down-low at the water’s edge….Jersey Noir is now part of Asbury Pulp.

Let’s rumble.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2014

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