JSP Visual Week In Review | 02.01.14

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_WIR 020114

For all the pomp and fanfare that was January getting here, it certainly seemed like it was in a hurry it get out of here.

But not before a pretty rough month of ice, cold and snow. A right ol’ old fashioned winter. It’s to the point where if we hit 32 or 33 degrees, it’s balmy.

It’s all relative though. The folks down in Atlanta, not used to all this winter weather, have had a rough time of it. Chicago and the Midwest continue in a deep freeze.

And after all the worry, crystal ball gazing and hand-wringing, it looks like the weather in North Jersey for The Big Game tomorrow will be fine.

Best of all, only 12 days till pitchers and catchers report for Spring Training.

It was a light shooting week for me. Only tapped the button a couple of days this week. Oh well, that happens some day.

Let’s roll into this shoot month. Going to be an exciting one for me. More to come…


This Week’s Links:

* Beautiful images, touching words from Charlene Winfred.

* Robert Capra, in color.

* What if Springsteen’s Nebraska was a series of books?

* Just because I thought of it this week: The intro to Hill Street Blues.

* Via Fast Company, Four Things We Have Wrong About Creativity.

* Video: Joe McNally’s Dance portfolio.

* 30 Of The Most Influential Wedding and Portrait Photographers.

* Video: For all of us who have to suffer these: Conference Calls, visualized.

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