Weekend Shot: Freedom Tower

(c)JerseyStyle Photography Freedom Tower2_NYC_020714_0773

Cheating a little bit with this one. This was taken late Friday afternoon so not sure if it was technically the weekend or not.

I had spent the day in Tribeca, at an agency I’m working with. Cool bunch of people there, and an equally cool office. Gets the creative juices flowing just being in that environment.

Afterwards, I had some work to do, then started a walked down to the very lowest tip of Manhattan. I had to head down Wall Street to get there. There was one vantage point where a lot of touristy type were taking photos of One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower).

Meh, I thought. I’m not taking photos of a building

But then, as I was walking across Wall Street, I turned around and saw the Freedom Tower again. Thin clouds were swirling around it, and it looks impressive.

And so, I did have to take a few shots.

This one I really liked.

One really tall building + cool clouds + Canon S110 + NIk Collection = This Weekend Shot

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2014

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