JSP Visual Week In Review | 03.01.14

(c)JerseyStyle Photography WIR_030114

And I’m back.

And it’s March.

And another snowstorm is coming to New Jersey.

Same. Different. Same. Different.

First things first. Yes, I’m back from my South African adventure. We wrapped early Thursday morning. Then I had the chance to do some final sightseeing at Boulders Beach, pick up an Holmes Brothers t-shirt, watch and incredible sunset from boulders overlooking Camp’s Bay, and then caught my 12:30 a.m. flight out of Cape Town, ready to head from summer back to winter, via Amsterdam.

All good.

And then…not so good.

Somewhere along the way, a nasty little virus invaded me. I boarded the plane, took out my contacts and put them in solution, then burrowed under the KLM issed blanket to snooze. Six hours into the 11 hour flight, I awake, ready to do some photo editing or watch a movies. I go into the bathroom, brush my teeth and put my first contact.

HOLY MOLEY! What solution did I use, battery acid??

Sometimes it takes a few second to get the adjusted so I tried to put the other one in.

YEE HAW! Red hot poker to the eye!

I don’t quite know what’s going on. I look at the solution I bought a the town of Fish Hoek pharmacy. Maybe it’s cleaning solution, not an overnight saline solution. It does seem a bit thicker. So I try to rinse my contacts in regular water, which I’ve done before (I know, don’t try that at home.)

No luck, eyes keep burning like I’m in the middle of a house fire.

Things go from bad to worse. They’re light sensitive, so as dawn breaks and the passengers open their window shades, little daggars of light sting me. The regular scene in front of me is a bit cloudy. I keep my sunglasses on like a too-cool rockstar (though in my button down and blazer, I don’t really exude “rock star.”)

I figure once I get to the airport in Amsterdam, I’ll buy a saline solution I know, clean off whatever gunk is on the lenses and be good to go.

Plan = fail.

I have less than an hour to catch my connector to Newark. Decide to head to Airport First Aid because at this point, it’s even hard to fully open my eyes (which, are still cloudy when I do.) Plus, I’m tearing and my nose is watering the whole time. I’m a fine hot mess.

I fill out the chart. I wait. I sit. I try my eyes. Finally, I just gotta go or I’ll miss the flight. As if my magic, the doctor arrives, takes one look at me and, in English with a Dutch accent, he says: “You have conjectivitus. Eye infection. I’ll give you a cream that will help. Ten minutes.”

Great. Pink eye.

Eleven minutes later, he’s lathered up my eyes with some prescription ointment, takes my 50 euros, and points me in the general direction of my gate and send me off.

I’m nearly the last to board the plane. Stewardess looks at me “Are you alright?”. “Eye infection,” I say.

“Yes, keep your sunglasses on,” she says. Not sure if she’s trying to be protective or she alarmed at how bad I look.

I work my way down the ramp, get into my seat and, for the second time in 12 hours, pull the blanket over my head to sleep.

Wonder of wonders, the ointment worked. I wake up some time later and my eyes look 50 percent better. Light sensitivity has decreased tremendously. I put another application of the clear cream on, and have a bite to eat. I’m good enough to now edit some photos and watch two movies: Trance (4 out of 5 stars) and Mud (4 out of 5 stars.)

By the time I get off the plane, I don’t look like The Creature From Cape Town any longer.

When I got home right at dinner time, the kids greeted me like puppies and my pups greets me like, well, puppies. My wife gave me a big huge, a kiss on the cheek and the promptly collapsed on the couch in exhaustion. I’ve been away for much of February. She’s more than earned some time off.

And now it’s March.


This Week’s Links:

* Sweet, sublime, powerful, from Charlene Winfred: Absence.

* More brilliant tales from the Joe McNally road….

* Via NY Times Lens blog: Barbara Davidson: Finding stories everywhere.

* Great story, great images: The Last Man Painting.

* Neat interview with David Burnett on his Sochi Olympics experience.

* Where do photographers go to get away?

* A NatGeo editor speaks.

* “Anticipate, always anticipate.” ~ Magnum photographer Bruno Barbey (Whom I spent the last two weeks with in Cape Town, and is the gent in the B&W portrait above.)

3 thoughts on “JSP Visual Week In Review | 03.01.14

  1. I was horribly myopic for most of my life. Had a 3 year run with contact lenses in my late teens before my eyes (infections, cornea scarring etc) decided they’d had it with foreign objects. I sympathize muchly. Laser surgery, for me, was nothing short of a miracle.

    Hope you recover quicksmart. Thank you for the linkage 🙂

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