Friday Noir: Vengeance Has A Name

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_In Case Of An Event_022014_3001

So… is it safe?

What, is this a movie?

You know what I mean.

Baby, don’t worry about it. It’s safe

So, Who’s he, why’s he standing there like that?

Don’t worry about him.

But I do worry. Can he hear what we’re saying?

Don’t worry about him.

I just want to… make sure, you know?

We covered all the angles. We filled all the gaps. We’re good.

I’m still worried. Worried until we get on that plane.

Listen, baby. Between our dreams and our lives is this world now. No turning back, no second-guessing. If we second guess, then we’re done for. We are well prepared for that we have chosen. At least we better be. We’re going to hear the chains rattling behind us for the rest of our lives. And if they get us, they’re going to build our gallows high. It just is, now. We’re living out of one world and into another now. Things are going to get thick. Our moral aptitude has been ransacked. Know this for sure. But once we get outta here, no turning back. We’re gone. Gone, baby.

I know. But still…it’s safe, right?


© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2014


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