Weekend Shot: No Filter Needed

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Matt_SOOTC_032014_3330

After being away from much of February, I’m in full-blast mode of being back and spending time with my family.

This Saturday, while Leslie and Olivia had some things to do together, me and the boys hung out for the day.

Some of it was the usual stuff – running errands, dropping the recycling off, stopping at a local auto parts store for a new brake light.

But we also played outside today, had lunch, watched a movie.

We also went to a county park/local historical site to walk around a bit and enjoy the sorta-like spring day. Then we also went to a local pond to “visit the duckies” (as the boys like to say.)

While there, we explored the bamboo forest. Why yes, New Jersey Does have bamboo. Very exotic, I know.

I like the sweeping bend of the bamboo shoot in this shoot, no doubt a result of the rough winter. Matty provided some scale for me, giving me his scrunched-face smile that’s become his trademark.

I liked the faded colors, and the sun spot. This is straight out of the camera – no Instagram or Nik filter needed.

Now….Matty is a bit in his “Terrible Two’s” right now. He spent so much time in Time Out this weekend, I thought I was living with one of the Broad Street Bullies. (To be fair,he wasn’t getting five for fighting, he’s stuck on a particular word that we don’t appreciate him saying.)

But when he gives you that scrunched up smile, or put his head on our shoulder while watching Despicable Me 2…it’s hard to stay made at the little guy.

Beautiful light + Bamboo Shoots + Scrunched Up Smile = This Weekend Shot

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2014


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