Tearsheet: New Corporate Work

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Very happy to share some new corporate work that was recently published.

You may remember last October, when I headed to Michigan for a couple of days. The trip was to work on a story, but i had to wait till it went live before I could talk about it. But it finally hit last week and now I can take the wraps off of it.

The shoot was for the 2013 Johnson & Johnson Annual Report. The J&J AR project is one I spearheaded for the past six years, and it was one I really enjoyed.

But back in November, I transitioned to a new role with one of J&J operating companies, so the AR is no longer on my Things To Do List. Still, before I moved on, I was happy to be able to contribute to it.

The seed of this story was first planted last summer when it got kicked over to me. It wasn’t until the fall, though, that I was able to set it all up. It was then, in October, that I had the opportunity to meet fantastic little Christian and his great family out in a suburb of Detroit.

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Christian has had more medical problems in his short life than anyone should have in their whole life. But he’s a happy little guy and I was glad to get some nice images of him, his mom, and the rest of his family.

He’s about the same age as my middle guy, Chase. Spending so much time photographing my kids definitely helped with this shoot – I was able to anticipate what Christian might do and where he might go. The image that leads this post is one of my favorite form 2013. Definitely “decisive moment” because a second later, it was gone.

This is the kind of storytelling I really like to do – Soup to nuts: I wrote the interview questions, did the interview, shot the stills, art directed the video, then wrote the story when I got back to New Jersey. Then, one of J&J’s ace producers put it all together into the video package.

That said, I sure didn’t do it by myself. The video was shot by a top-notch videographer, John Thoma. We made a good, tight team and he was great to work with. (In fact, we have some non-work story ideas we hope to pursue together this summer). John shot the video using a Canon 5D Mark III camera, with either a 70-300mm lens or my 24-105 lens. While we had nice natural light for the doctor’s video, John supplemented the light with some soft light from white Chinese lanterns. Brilliant.

Then, when we got back to NJ, we handed our video and images off to a couple members of the J&J video production team, Maria Kielar (a fine photographer herself who has Rolling Stone to her credit) and Paul Franco who did a fantastic job putting all the elements together.

I love how this story came out.

Please head over to the J&J annual report and check out Christian’s story and the video.

Oh, and as a PS….I made a large print of this photo and sent it to the family just before the holidays. Mom emailed me, said they loved it. It’s framed and in their foyer so people see it as soon as they come in…

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