Weekend Shot: Row Your Boat

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_NJ Boats_clr_032014_1763

Sometimes a good shot is right outside your window.

Your car window.

Saturday, me and the kids embarked on an excursion to Red Bank, New Jersey. There was (supposed) to be a presentation at the Monmouth Boat Club on ice boating on the Navesink and Hudson Rivers.

To make a long story short…we all made it down to where we thought it was going to be…but there was no ice boats or presentations to be found.

Oh well. It was still a fun day with the kids spent on the banks of the Navesink River.

I caught this just before crossing the Hubbards Bridge into Red Bank. The bridge is undergoing some construction now, so there’s a bit of a wait to get over it. While sitting in traffic, I looked to my right. Really liked the colors and composition here. Had enough time, before we moved, to snap a few frames.

Be prepared, that’s my motto.

I like the little peep of the flag in the background too.

Hopefully, soon, the weather will break and those boats will be on the river, doing what they do best.

Cool colors + seaworthy vessels + Canon S110 = This Weekend Shot

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2014


3 thoughts on “Weekend Shot: Row Your Boat

  1. I like the feel of the image. I have a question about the post processing. Did you add some blur or diffusion across the top and bottom? I noticed a distinct line across the trees where the blur starts. Actually I think I see two zones that are blurred differently. I don’t see a line across the bottom but I do see some items blurred that I would expect to be sharper.

    • Hi David,

      Your eyes do no deceive you – there is some blurring in the frame. It’s not so much post-processing though as to a function in camera. My little Canon S110 point-and-shoot that I like to use has a featured called “miniature”. Using it, a tilt-shift effect is mimicked – sometimes more noticeably than others. (the camera also had a fisheye effect, a lomo effect, etc.)

      Perhaps, too, when I ran the image thorough Nik (using the HDR filter) it accentuated the blur lines. This T-S blurring effect can also be mimicked in Photoshop, sometimes less noticeably.

      Good eyes out of you!

      ~ Mark

      • Thanks for confirming what I thought I saw. I was wondering if my eyes were deceiving me. The shot is good one that you just enhanced.

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