JSP Visual Week In Review | 03.29.14

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I’ve been active on Flickr for a quite a few years now. It was one of the first place – pre-JSP blog – where I started to “get my work out there.”

And, it’s been a fun photographic community to be part of. Scary as well. When I look at some of the early shots that I posted – ugh. But, I can see development and improvement in my photographic eye, composition, subjects. And, as I’ve gotten to know some post-processing tools, I can see improvement there as well.

It’s also an interesting editor too. Joe McNally once told me “You never know what a picture editor will like. You can take the greatest photo – in your mind – but it may not ring with the editor for that magazine or publication.” Keeping that in mind, it’s always interesting for me to see which images the Flickr community like.

On the images I post, I get roughly around 60 to 125 views per day on them. But if a photo makes Explore, that number jumps to over a 1,000 views easily.

This week was a banner week. I had huge view (over 11,000) on that boat photo above. To me it’s a nice photo, but I didn’t expect it to register that much.

I also had over 10,000 views on this photo. Huh. When I was in South Africa, one of the costume people, a gal with blue-tinted hair and huge smile had this tattoo on her hand. I wanted to get of shot of is. She said she got it when she met her now fiance, as he helped anchor her life. I liked the significance of it and liked the detail shot. But I didn’t expect this shot to get so many views.

Some of my noir images get really huge views…then others fall flat or are just average.

Just goes to show….you never know what is going to strike people’s fancy. If you’re going to put your work out there, don’t limit yourself by what you show.

You never know what the editor will like….

Do you agree?


This Week’s Links:

* This video for Springsteen’s Highway Patrolman from 1982 is amazing. Stars Viggo Mortenson and David Morse.

* A former dustman’s WWI photographic archive.

* Absolutely gorgeous B&W images from the set of Mad Men by Alex Majoli. They should do a whole episode in B&W.

* Earlier this week, it was 30 years ago those kids had detention…

* From NY Times Lens blog, A Look Back At Burt Glinn.

* Also from Lens: The Best of Photojournalism 2014

* Through The Eyes of The Lost Boys.

* The Epitome of Cool.

* I’m in.

* Good Fast Company read: “I’m motivated by other artists.

* 161 Days till this, for me.

* “It take guts to make a print. You have to convince yourself this is you, you’ve made this and are putting your name on it.” ~ Kurt Markus

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