Weekend Shot: iPlayed And Played

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_stinky feet2_040414_4124

Olivia turned seven earlier last week, but it was this weekend that we really celebrated the occasion.

We asked her what she wanted to do, and her request was to have her little friend, Jacob, sleep over. She also asked to go to a local place called iPlay America.

This is billed as an “indoor theme park.” Rides, games, an arcade, food stands, lights, music.

Kids find it fun. Parents find it a little expensive. You get an “iPlay credit card” that you put money on. Everything you want to do, you swipe the card and the credit come off. Once you’re depleted, you can recharge the card…or go home.

Liv and Jacob had a good time. Chase is still too small to ride many of the rides there. Matty as overwhelmed by it all.

I don’t know…not really my favorite way to spend a Saturday afternoon. But for a lot of kids, that was just what the wanted to do. They had fun, I got out without too much financial damage.

Sunday morning, much more fun, at least to me – spent an hour and half with the kids at a cool playground.

Then back to the house for the blow-out-the-candles birthday party with the family.

Sometimes, tradition can’t be beat.

iPlay America + Kids + Saturday = This Weekend Shot

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2014


2 thoughts on “Weekend Shot: iPlayed And Played

    • Adrian, it IS a little odd, isn’t it? I agree. It’s actually a game where the player sits there and aims a water gun at the figure. His hands and feet light up and the player has to squirt them with the water to “clean” them. Points are tallied up to win a prize.

      But as a part of social science…when did we as mankind come to think that incorporating toilet as the seat in a game is a good thing? Makes me shake my head.

      It’s always why chose this photo. What is now considered “fun” or “amusing”….

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