JSP Visual Week In Review | 04.19.14

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_WIR_041914

Annnndddd….life as we now it – at least around my little section of the Great State of New Jersey – is about to get back to my normal.

By dinner time today, my wife and little girl will be home for their week-long trip to Florida. And my week with the Krajnak Boys will be over.

It’s been a good week with the boys. We settled in nicely after a rough first couple of days (if I had a nickel for every time I hear When’s Mommy coming home?….) Overall it was a great week, though a weird weather one: It was 85 here last Sunday, snowed overnight on Wednesday night, and will be almost 70 today.

I give all the credit to the stay-at-home parents out there. While I knew this before, it was reinforced that your job is challenging, tiring, but yet fulfilling. Especially with young kids like my guys are – it’s a constant state of on-the-go-keep-them-intrigued-and-entertained.

My buddy complained about his job in NYC this week, and I countered with how it was a tiring day on my end because the boys didn’t nap. He said “You sound like my wife.” Maybe I did, and I can definitely relate to the stresses of both jobs.

One thing this week did afford me was the opportunity to shoot every day, and to test out a new off-camera lighting system (hopefully more on that soon.)

This week was a break from the norm for me. Time to get back to the relative routine.


This Week’s Links:

* Happy 50th Anniversary to my favorite convenience store, Wawa.

* Lots of discussion about The Guardian’s use of this photo. What are your thoughts?

* Very nice portraits, in Ghana, here from Gary S. Chapman.

* From the NY Times: The Woman and The Giant.

* From Lewis PR: How To Tell Compelling Data-Driven Stories.

* Bill Cunningham’s Vintage NY.

* Josh Haner, Tyler Hicks win 2014 Pulitzer Prizes for Photography.

* From TIME: Vancouver, Circa 1948

* “A photograph is not an accident – it is a concept. It exists at, or before, the moment of exposure of the negative.” – Ansel Adams

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