Friday Noir: Loaded 44

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_loaded 44_042514_2115

Kinds surprised to get this far, aren’t you?

Kinda thought you’d’ve caught a slug long before this.

Yep, one soft-infested spring 44 years ago, you started, crying and screaming and punching.

From there. the hustle started. You, trying to get some purchase in this life.

You had those big dreams, wanted to make the big greens.

Then things started to go off track.

Blame it on the lies that killed you. Blame it on the truth that ran you down.

I know this stack is usually called a Hard Eight.

Maybe its should be called a Loaded 44.

Hey, you made it this far.

Have a sip or two of the good stuff tonight.

But keep the roscoe oiled.

You want to make it another forty four.


Yeah, kind of a big day around here. Today’s my 44th birthday and since it falls on a Friday this year, I had to do a Friday Noir in its honor. Had a heckuva time trying to find a place to buy dice, too. Eventually found them in a Dollar Store.

I’ve been looking forward to this birthday for a while, I guess. Odd I know. Why 44?

You know how people sometimes have a connection to a number? 44 has always been my number. When I was in high school, I always asked for the number 44 on my sports jersey. I may have been the only point guard to wear number 44 (mostly, for that position, you get smaller numbers, like 10).

44, to me, seems to be sweet spot, a good age. Solid. Established. Means you’ve put the time in. You’ve lived some of life. You’ve made mistakes, but learned some things. Career should be established, but you have to continue to be open to learning new things. If you’ve started a family, they might be older already. Or, if you’re like me and started late, still young and keeping you going.

So, I’m in a good spot right now. Not as dark as the flash fiction above, for sure. Nope, no complaints, really. I like what I’ve established but also like what I’m still learning. And I love my young family.

Today, I’m going to enjoy the big Four Four. I’m doing something I started back in the ’90s: Taking the day off from work. I don’t believe in working on your birthday. If I’m ever a boss, my employees would automatically get their birthday off. Paid, too.

I’ll kick around, maybe get a run in. I’ll have lunch with the my wife and the boys. Pick up my little girl from school. Get a pizza for dinner.

Spend it the way I want to.

And, tonight, yes, I ‘ll have some Macallen – a sip of the good stuff, like mentioned above.

© Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | All Rights Reserved 2014


12 thoughts on “Friday Noir: Loaded 44

  1. A very belated birthday to you. You’ve got to be the only person I know (self not included) who makes it a point to take their birthday off work! Good on you 🙂

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