Friday Noir: No Witnesses


I don’t want witnesses.

Now, that’s not really the sort of opening line you wan to hear when a dame walks into your office.

Especially a dame in a mink coat. And it’s the summer.

Witnesses to what? I asked.

Nevermind that. We’ll get to it.

She started putting stacks of cabbage on my desk. Her eyes looked sad, tired. Her hair inky black.

The cigarette was burning low.

My mohaska was on the desk, an arm’s reach away.

Something told me I may need it.

She launched into a long tale, punctuated with sighs and crocodile tears.

I listened, made notes. And mentally calculated how many slugs I had in my heater.

Just in case.

She made me nervous. But what dame didn’t.

Her story didn’t add up. Maybe she thought I was a rube.

Mick Trubble ain’t no rube.

This might get messy.


I can take very little credit for this episode. Aside from a a sliver of one of my noir photos, this fantastic scene the full effort of Stefan.

I mentioned him and his great work before. Can’t believe it’s been two years now since first mention.

Then, the other day, I saw that a link to this site came from his DeviantArt page. So, while there, I was cruising around, checking out his work.

And I saw this image. Stefan’s really good at sending me any of his noir/Mick Trubble work that he does, and he very well may have sent me this creation. But I couldn’t remember seeing it. And I just love it.

He does such an incredible job with all the details to this scene, it looks like it came out of a 1940’s movie. The phone in the back, the pin-up on the wall, the photo of the boxer. But the detail I love the most is the reversed “Mick Trubble” text on the window. Wow.

Of course, none of this scene happens without the character Mick Trubble. Mick, you may remember, is the creation of writer Bard Constantine. Bard has cast Mick as the lead in The Troubleshooter: New Haven Blues and The Troubleshooter: Red-Eyed Killer, both part of his dystopian noir series. Blade Runner may be the most illustrative of dystopian noir, but Bard’s Troubleshooter novels are right up there.

Getting back to Stefan’s scene (and Bard’s character), I thought I’d fashion a quick story about it all. But rather than the typical “dame in distress”, I swung it so that Mick smells a rat almost immediately. He’s listening but he’s cautious.

Like Sam Spade says to Brigid O’Shaughnessy: in The Maltese Falcon: “We didn’t exactly believe your story, Miss O’Shaughnessy. We believed your 200 dollars.”

Proceed with caution, Mick.

Story: © Mark V. Krajnak | JerseyStyle Photography | Image: ©Stefan | Mick Trubble Character: Bard Constantine | All Rights Reserved 2014


3 thoughts on “Friday Noir: No Witnesses

    • Bard – Stefan may have sent it to me…I don’t know for sure. Maybe I just forgot about it. It’s a doozy of a good one though. A happy find!

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