JSP Visual Week In Review | 05.10.14


It’s as they say, a marathon, not a sprint.

It was one of those weeks for me. Didn’t do a lot of shooting. My eyes were open but I just wasn’t seeing. Scraped out a few clicks here and there, but overall it was a quiet week.

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’ll hit the stride again. The best photograph I’ll take is the next one, right?

Here’s what I learned this week, though: You gotta keep plugging away at it. It doesn’t come easy or quickly.

I had the opportunity this week to go to a book launch party for a local NJ crime fiction writer, Dennis Tafoya. I first met Dennis last year at an event called Noir At The Bar, where writers read from some of the stories they ware working on. And it’s held in a bar. Hence the name.

We’re friends on Facebbook and email from time to time. I like his writings and he likes my photography. There’s a mutual artist respect between us. But there’s a guy who has three novels published, and still rolls into a full-time job every day. He can’t do what he loves full time (yet) but is still writing every day. He’s getting it done.

We talked about this a little at the book launch. The more I meet and learn about different artists, be it writers, photographers, designers, I find fewer that are able to make a career out of it. It may be first in their minds but second to doing something that pays the bills.

But that’s ok. No one can take away from us what we’re doing. And what we’re doing is something we have to do. We have to click the shutter, peck at the keyboard, sketch on a napkin. I don’t know where it comes from, especially in my case, but it’s there, bubbling under the surface.

Sure it’s nice to be recognized for what we love to do. But the main thing is to keep after it. Keep doing what you’re doing, whether people are reading you, looking at your images or buying your stuff. Don’t quit your day job, as the saying goes, but keep that passion burning for what you love to do.

That’s why it’s our passion.


This Week’s Links:

* Here’s a good profile piece on Dennis in the Philadelphia City Paper.

* From Daniel Milnor, It’s All Jeff’s Fault.

* NY Times Lens blog: Ike, They Liked.

* Modern Day Mystery.

* You know I love smoke in photos. Here’s a good read about using fog, haze and smoke to your advantage.

* How do you make plumbing cool and sexy looking? Philly based photographer Chris Crisman and team did it.

* Speaking of working your day job and shooting great images: Photographs from a Tug Boat Captain.

* From Zack Arias: What’s Keeping You From Growing?

* “It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.”Alfred Eisenstaedt

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