The Cast Is Booked

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I’m not lazy. I’m really not.

But sometimes, when I find a good thing, rather than search to the ends of the earth for something new, I’ll stick with a good thing.

Take, for example, the gift I gave my wife Leslie this past weekend for Mother’s Day. It was a book. An AdoramaPix-produced photo book, to be exact.

Nearly three years ago, just after we had Matthew, our third kiddie, I made a photo book for that first Mother’s Day after he was born.

Les loved it. Brought tears to her eyes.

The next year, I made another one. She loved it again. Now I start to get prompted in early April about “her book.”

Something along the lines of “You’re getting started on my book, right?”

Hints well taken.

As much as I like doing the for Leslie, and giving them to her as a Mother’s Day tradition, it also self-serves a couple of other purposes too.

One, I enjoy putting the books together. I like figuring out a concept, the pacing, how many pages to add. (Frankly, I also see I’m a horrible photo editor. I want to just add in so many.)

Two, it helps me fulfill my personal goal to make more prints. Print More In ‘OneFour is my personal motto this year, and I’m doing it. 8x10s, 4x6s, photo books – I’m getting images off my hard drive and onto paper. It really is magical.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Mother's Day books_052014_5569

Getting back to the actual book making process, I again used AdoramaPix, as I mentioned. I keep telling myself to try Blurb or something else, but I keep going back to AdoramaPix. Why? Few reasons:

* It’s an easy process to do.
* The hardcover books look great.
* I like the paper finish, and how the images look on them.
* Their customer service is exceptional
* Prices are very competitive.

Now, I do wish they would offer a soft cover option to their books. This may be one reason for me to try a different spot, maybe with my Working On The Highway project images, or my recent trip to South Africa. But that’s really my only complaint with this AdoramaPix project.

Over the past few years, I had a number of prints done, and at least (including the Mother’s Day ones) six books from AdoramaPix and have been very pleased with everything they’ve done. There’s a lot of options out there, but I’d recommend AdoramaPix to anyone. (No, I’m not on their payroll and not being paid for these comments – just me saying what I like.)

Here’s a quick-and-dirty short trailer I made for this Mother’s Day book: A Cast Of Characters:

Let me know what you think, or what your favorite printing service is.

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5 thoughts on “The Cast Is Booked

  1. Nice one, Mark. I make one as well each year for our anniversary. I get the same reminders, and now I’m even given direction : “don’t leave any pictures out!!” The books are getting quite large! 😁

      • I’ve been using Blurb. Use the Large Landscape format, but it is HUGE!! Wish they had an 8×12 size (which I would find desirable for the anniversary books) rather than the 8×10 standard landscape (which I find are ok for photo work but not for this gift). I use their BookSmart software to make the books. It does ok but can be limiting at times in terms of design (unable to put images or type at an angle for example). I’ve made a number of different books with them, Shutterfly, and MyPublisher (Costco). Blurb isn’t perfect but I prefer the choices more than the others. Lately I’ve been making notebooks and small story books as well.

      • I realized I didn’t comment on quality: the latest book was of much improved quality: stronger binding, better paper quality, etc. In the past I did have a couple of problems with some books. One was bound horribly and the pages started to fall out nearly instantly. The customer service was really good though and they rushed a replacement to me which arrived within a few days. The replacement had solved the problem and the book is good. I’ve had binding problems with other producers as well with pages falling out eventually (no, I’m not hard in my books 🙂 but it was years later so didn’t bother trying to get them replaced.

        I stuck with them because of the possibility of reselling, the choices of formats (sizes as well as notebooks etc), because the Lightroom plugin integrates BookSmart with Lightroom, and because Blurb is now built in to Lightroom so I can make some simple books within Lightroom itself (I don’t use this for large books like the anniversary book because I find it is a it slower and a bit more limited -I seem to know BookSmart better and have some layout presets setup already).

      • That’s one thing I’ve been super happy with AdoramaPix about: The quality of the books great. They often get pressure tested by my two-year old, Matt, and are holding up well

        (AdoramaPix – if you need a QA person, Matt’s your guy!)

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