Weekend Shot: The First Fifty

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Late last week, I did a post about how Leslie and I were celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary. (thanks for all the well-wishes, by the way.)

This past weekend, me and the family headed up to Northeast Pennsylvania to visit with – and celebrate with – another couple having a wedding anniversary.

My parents – They were married back on May 16, 1964.

Yeah, that’s 50 years ago.


Talk about a commitment and stick-togetherness.

When we arrived on Friday, my mom was wearing a t-shirt that said The First 50 Years Of Marriage Are The Hardest…. That I don’t doubt.

So, before we all went out to dinner, I wanted to make a nice portrait of them. Did a couple of shots in the backyard, battling the hard late afternoon sun and squinty eyes.

I brought out with me a couple of framed photos that my mom had out, one of them young couple cutting their wedding cake, and one of the wedding party.

I asked them to hold the one of the wedding party, and like it best. Liked it even better in B&W.

Congratulations, Mom and Pop. Here’s to another 50.

They should be easier….

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