One Closer, One To Go

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Irene_Bill_99x100_052414_6136

So. Almost there…

My 100 Strangers project….it’s been hanging around for awhile now. But, one step closer to completion now.

Last weekend, the family was getting ready for our Memorial Day BBQ and I had to run out to get more ice.

Hopped in the truck, and headed over to Phil’s pizza joint, probably 2 miles away. Sun was playing hide-and-seek.

As soon as I pulled in, I saw this older couple sitting outside at a weathered picnic table outside under a wide canopy of grape vines, enjoying their lunch.

I saw the photo in my head immediately.

So, went in and got my bags of ice and put them in the truck. I grabbed my 50D off the front seat. Where it always is, of course.

I pushed my sunglasses up on my head – I find it less threatening to talk to people when you’re eyes aren’t covered by shades. I introduced myself and excused myself for interrupting their lunch.

I got right to it. I explained I lived nearby and told them about my 100 Strangers project. And I asked if I could shoot their portrait, right where they are, that they could help me close it out.

Irene was demure, she said they had just come from working in the garden and that they looked a mess. They were from nearby New Egypt and didn’t feel like making lunch. Decided to come to Phil’s for a sandwich.

I could tell Bill was rolling my offer over in his head, cautious man that I’m sure he is. But he nodded OK, and I made a few portraits.

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Irene_Bill_clr_052014_6138

I chatted with them a bit more, and gave them my JSP card. Told them to contact me if they wanted a print.

Oh, and like a true couple, when I asked what they had for lunch, they said they were sharing a pulled pork sandwich.

They reminded me of my parents.

As I got back into the truck, I was excited. I thought they would complete my 100 Strangers Project, being #99 and #100.

But alas…alter when I looked back at my project history, and saw that I’ve shot couples before, and only counted them as one.

Guess I blew the final whistle a little to early.

We’re at 99 folks. One closer, one to go.

Number 100 is still out there….

Want to find out more about my 100 Strangers project? Go check out Issue 4 of Rear Curtain magazine.

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