JSP Visual Week In Review | 06.07.14

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_WIR_060714

I like the symmetry of a month and week starting on Sunday. And so, I liked this week.

A big week of anniversaries and remembrances – Tiananmen Square, D-Day, Born In The U.S.A. being released.

In the U.S. sporting world, the NHL Hockey Stanley Cup games started, and the NBA Finals started as well.

On a global level, the World Cup is about to start in Brazil.

Oh, and later today, California Chrome will try to win the Belmont.

So, it’s the sporting life this week. Also The Shooting Life. I was able to get some good work in this week, playing in the shadows and battling dappled sunlight. I had an idea for shoot in a bucolic setting…but then when I started, it seemed too much like bad year book photos. So I bagged it.

That said, if things hold to form, I have two shoots next week. Fingers crossed.

Stay tuned.


This Week’s Links:

* Watch: Don McCullin on his early years</a

* Keep Fit: 10 Timeless Fitness Laws

* David Alan Harvey: 5 Travel Photography Tips

* Watch: Maggie Steeber on being reborn through photography

* Watch: Picasso in time-lapse.

* I guess the U.S. does negotiate with terrorists.

* Read: Professional pallbearers in South Central LA.

* Speaking of the World Cup

* “For the last time: Ice cream cake is not cake. It’s ice cream wearing cake camouflage.” ~ Dennis Tafoya

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