Mid-Year Report

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“Have you done what you came here to do?” ~ Coach, to Louden Swain, in Vision Quest

Whether you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, or Southern Hemisphere…we’re at the mid-way point. We’re Six Months In.

January 2014, Asbury Park, NJ

January 2014, Asbury Park, New Jersey

And we have to ask ourselves…Have we done what we came here to do?

What were our goals back on January 1? Easy to attain? Some stretches? Working the in-between?

(Did you even set any?)

February 2014 - Cape Town, South Africa

February 2014, Cape Town, South Africa

Frankly, I’m at the the somewhere in-between.

First and foremost, I wanted to finish up my 100 Strangers project this year.

I did it, just recently.
Took me six years, but I did it.

I wanted to enter more photo competitions, to get my work out there.

I have done that, however to with some less-than-stellar reaction. No wins, no places, no shows.

The last one was this one. Not to sound sour grapes…but I don’t see anything “winning” about any of these photos. I guess Instagram wins out.

March 2014, New York City

March 2014, New York City

I also said I wanted to make my own way, get myself out there more. The horse isn’t going to find the water on its own. Sometimes, you have to find the water and lead the horse to it.

This, yes, I have done. Thanks to social media, I heard about the Trouble In The Heartland project and elbowed myself up to the bar. Now I’m getting served.

The editor, Joe Clifford, just some advance reader copies for review. The book should come out later this year. Best of all, I’ve been in touch with a number of the writers who contributed stories to the book. And that may lead to more opportunity in the future. (Not to mention, these writers are all really good and I like their work.)

I wanted to take on more actual work – paid or time for portfolio (TFP). I’m OK with TFP if there may be some payoff in the long run. Hey, you have to build your portfolio some where. I don’t want to give my work away for free, but I will work for free for the greater good.

Just in the last month, I’ve done three shoots that will help my portfolio. I gotta keep that up.

Pennsylvania Turnpike, April 2014

April 2014, Pennsylvania Turnpike

Speaking of personal projects, I still have a few ongoing. Working On The HighwayHell On Wheels…they are always ongoing.

May 2014, Allentown, New Jersey

May 2014, Allentown, NJ

I wanted to increase my creative scope. That means reading new things, viewing something different.

Here are some of what I found to help with my creative scope:

* James Victore’s Burning Questions

* Austin Kleon – everything. (BTW, I tried keeping a logbook this year. Miserable. Quit in February. Just not my thing.)

* Daniel Milnorr still brings it, even off social media.

* Flemming Bo.

* And Charlene.

* And The New Surf.

* 5 Intriguing Things.

I’m sure there are others. But those are the biggies, for now.

Now six months into 2014, you’re backing up you work, right?

And, as I say, #printmoreinonefour. Right? Yes?

Print More In 'OneFour

June 2014, Print More In ‘OneFour

Books, as much as photos and music, bring me inspiration. Here’s my late Spring-early Summer reading stack:

(c)JerseyStyle Photography_Summer Reading_3303

Have you read some good stuff? Let me know in the comments below.

Halfway in to 2014, I give myself a solid B.

And your mid-year report?

Pass? Fail? Incomplete?

Have you done what you came here to do?

What say you?

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2 thoughts on “Mid-Year Report

  1. Know what you mean about contests. I don’t enter many writing contests these days, but found one that interested me lately. Did an odds vs. time investment assessment, and decided to concentrate on my current projects. Haven’t had good luck with contests, unfortunately. Great article. Reminded me once again of the need to blog on the regular. I’m pretty good on my goals for the year so far. I’d probably give myself a ‘B’ as well. Always a pleasure, Mark.

    • Good outta you, Bard! I know how busy you are with your regular job (like me), family, kids (like me) and everything that goes with it. Good job still gettin’ it done!

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